We Found Actual Companies That Will Pay You To Watch Movie Trailers

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Yes you read that right! Some sites will actually pay you to watch movie trailers, and we found three that are simple and really work.

1. Free $5 for signing up

InboxDollars has plenty to watch. For a movie buff like myself getting paid to watch trailers and Netflix content is a dream come true!

You can earn up to $225 a month just by watching their movie trailers.

The site makes a playlist and tells you how long it will take, from a few minutes to a half hour long. All you have to do is watch!

Plus you get a Free $5 bonus before you even start watching, just by signing up.

2. Watch on your phone - get PAID

With Swagbucks you could earn up to $90 a month just by watching trailers.

Along with the movie trailers, Swagbucks features home and travel videos that are actually really fun to watch and can earn you up to 150 rewards points a day on the site.

You can register and play the Swagbucks videos directly to your phone.

3. Market Force Information

How's this for a dream job: this company will pay you to be a movie theater mystery shopper.

Market researchers like Market Force Information will pay customers $10 to $20 an hour just to go to movies and collect information.

Sign up for free to become an auditor and you'll get email alerts for paid trips to the movies.

This is a great deal, especially if it's for a movie you're already planning to see.

You only have to answer a few simple questions (what trailers did you see, etc) and can easily make $30 a day.

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