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You want to save money, but you're not willing to cut back on your online shopping habit. Does this sound familiar?

What if I told you it was possible to save money on online transactions without hunting for bargains or shopping at discount stores?

You can with Paribus, the Website that's every online shopper's best friend.

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Paribus is a site that helps find refunds and discounts for you, on things you were already buying.

Sound too good to be true? Plenty of stores actually offer money-back discounts if your purchases go on sale after you buy them.

Delivery services, like Amazon and Walmart.com, will also sometimes give you refunds if your orders arrive late.

But tracking receipts, time limits, and store policies for everything you buy can make your head spin.

Sign up for Paribus instead. Paribus will track your receipts and discounts, and makes it so easy to claim the money you're owed.

Get started today and begin saving while continuing tp shop with your favorite stores.

Get Started with Paribus right now to begin saving money!

Discounts Straight To Your Inbox


Paribus works by tracking receipts sent to your email address, and scans for any price drops or refunds.

The service can even tell when one of your orders has arrived late.

Once it identifies a chance to save money, the app quickly notifies you. Paribus will even streamline the claim process so you get your money back ASAP.

Paribus can also act on your behalf with companies like Amazon to get refunds started - with no hassle or time-consuming phone calls on your end.

Their system works with more than 25 major companies and brands, including Amazon, Walmart, Macy's, Nordstrom, Old Navy, Gap, and Target.

Paribus has already saved its users more than $24 million - who knows how much it could save you!

Sign up with Paribus and start tracking receipts for refunds and discounts.

Real Paribus Users Are Already Saving Money

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Paribus tracks your receipts, compares prices, and watches for refunds. All you have to do is watch for notifications and claim your cash.

It's so easy that anyone can use it, and because it can track receipts from so many national chains, everyone is bound to qualify for something.

Here's what real Paribus users said about saving money with the app:

"How cool is Paribus? Didn't really get it, then Bed Bath & Beyond responded with $11.71 refund due to sale price the day after my order," said one user.

"I signed up thinking it wouldn't actually be that helpful, but they've already saved us $33 this month," added another.

"I forgot I even had this. My Amazon order was (apparently) late and Paribus contacted them and got me $10 credit towards my next Amazon purchase. I didn't have to do a thing."

Start using Paribus today to save money while shopping online!

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