How I Earn Free Gift Cards By Playing Games In My Spare Time

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When I was growing up, my parents always told me I spent too much time playing video games.

They weren't opposed to me having fun, but the sheer amount of time I spent with the games was an issue.

I can still remember my mother telling me that I would never get paid to sit around playing video games.

Candy Crush

Well, I finally proved her wrong. Because I earn gift cards playing games and taking surveys with RewardsBuck.

Work that feels like fun

If you've answered surveys online for cash or gift cards before, you know that it's a pretty easy way to earn money.

You can complete the surveys in your spare time, or even while you're sitting on the couch, watching TV.

RewardsBuck makes earning gift cards even more fun, because the site lets you play mobile games to rack up points.

First, you'll have to make an account with RewardsBuck.

Then, download a variety of free-to-play mobile games suggested by the site. The games are available on both Android and iOS devices.

App store.

You earn points (called RB) for downloading and playing the games. If you really like them, and make in-app purchases, you can earn even more points.

But even if games aren't your cup of tea, there are other ways to rack up RB.

Earn points your way

While games are a fun distraction, surveys are still one of the most popular ways to earn gift cards online, and RewardsBuck offers them too.

Every survey shows how many RB it's worth before you click, and the site has a handy fixed exchange rate (100 RB is worth $1) so you know what your time is worth.

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But RewardsBuck sweetens the pot with other fun (and free) ways to earn points.

The site recommends free trials for services like Apple Music and Hulu. Not only do you get to enjoy the service for free, you'll also earn RB just for signing up.

There are also exclusive sales and even free products (like Harlequin ebooks) that give you points for taking advantage of them.

Best of all, the offers available to you are updated every day, so it pays to check RewardsBuck often. You're bound to find something that's fun, easy, or worthwhile each time you visit the site.

At worst, earning points with RewardsBuck is easy and painless. But on good days it can actually be a blast.

Turning points into cash


While earning with RewardsBuck is fun, you'll have to wait until you rack up 1,000 RB ($10) before you can exchange it for a gift card.

But since the site offers cards for huge chains, including Walmart and Target, visiting the site regularly is actually worthwhile.

You can even exchange RB for Amazon and Visa gift cards to spend on anything you like.

Earning your first gift card doesn't take long either. You get 100 RB just for creating an account, and even more for taking a New Member Survey.

I made a point of visiting the site regularly, and it took me just a few weeks to earn my first $25 gift card.

And remember: that was hard earned cash from playing computer games and answering surveys. That's a great deal if you ask me!

Work smarter, not harder

There are a few things to keep in mind as you start to earn gift cards through RewardsBuck.

It takes up to seven days for any rewards you earn to arrive, and so you'll need to plan ahead to spend your gift cards on big purchases.

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You'll also need to be careful about what you sign up for.

Earning $4 towards your next card with a free Hulu subscription is smart. But you need to cancel that subscription before you start to get monthly charges for it.

It pays to use RewardsBuck for things that are fun, painless, or a good deal.

I don't mind answering surveys while I sit on my couch. And I enjoy playing games. I'll even get a free credit score because it's handy and worth a lot of RB.

But I'm more wary about monthly subscriptions and online sales for things I don't need.

With RewardsBuck, you can earn gift cards for playing games. But you need to play smart!

Sign up for RewardsBuck today and earn your first 100 RB!

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