Here's How to Sit on Your Couch and Make Money Today

Have you ever tried making money online? Well it's a lot easier then you may have thought. I've done the research and put some hours in to figure out which sites are the best and these are my findings. If you like making extra pocket money stay tuned because you're going to love this!

Some of the sites on this list will even pay you for surfing the web or watching TV (something you already do every day!)

Here are six companies that I personally love because they're easy to navigate and offer the best deals.

1. Skip the Points and Get Cash for Doing the Most Simple Tasks

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Most survey sites will offer you points before they give you any kind of reward. InboxDollars skips the points and just gives you cash. It's that simple.  

They'll send you several short daily surveys every day, and if you complete all of them regularly, you could earn more than $700 a year.

This survey site has a lot of members, so rest assured that you're in safe hands.

Their members have earned more than $50 million in rewards since they opened their site in 2000.

If you join now, you'll earn $5 for signing up.

2. Earn $5 in the Next 30 Seconds

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You're going to make a lot of points on this survey site. Guaranteed.

If you join now, PointClub will give you $5 for free!

Here's what one member has to say, "These rewards are key and I do save them up for the most part in order to make Christmas happen or give my daughter the birthday gifts she wants.”

You will be showered with Walmart, Amazon, and PayPal gift cards in no time.

Sign up to start earning today!

3. Apply While You Can - Currently Accepting Applications

OneOpinion is not your typical survey site. They give you the chance to win the big bucks quickly.

There are plenty of high reward surveys but you need to be apply to be able to take them. They normally take about an hour to get back to you on your application but once you're accepted you can start earning big bucks.

Currently OneOpinion is taking applications but not forever so make sure to apply and see if you are eligible to participate and earn big rewards.

Apply Here!

4. Get Paid to Sit and Watch Videos

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Swagbucks is unique since they have so many ways to help you make money. You can answer survey questions, get online shopping rebates, browse the internet, and even watch videos. (That last one is my favorite)

They are also one of the highest paying sites. Since starting up they've paid out over $271,595,183 to their members in gift cards for Target, Walmart, and Amazon.

They give out over 7,000 free gift cards every single day. So sign up today and starting bingeing those videos

Sign up here

5. Give Feedback to Brands and get Paid for it

I'll be honest, sometimes surveys don't seem like they're asking the right questions Survey Junkie has fixed all that so you'll actually be making a difference in what you care about. You fill out a profile and they'll match you with surveys that are tailored to be relevant to you.

With this site, you'll get a ton of variety in the surveys you take. Which can really help you stay inspired as you make a little extra cash.

Sign up to Survey Junkie right here!

6. Start Your Day with a Few Easy Survey's to Help Pay for the Little Things

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I-Say rewards you with Starbucks Gift Cards and more. Delicious!

Just give your opinion about products you already buy, this is why they're considered one of the most popular survey sites.

Right when you sign up you'll be given surveys to complete. So you'll always have lots of opportunities to keep earning.

Keep in mind, the lowest amount of points you can receive is 500, which is why they are one of the top paid survey sites!

Sign up today to receive gift cards for your favorite stores.

Bonus: Check out Ebates and start saving money everyday, also get a $10 gift card when you sign up!

This site allows users to get special deals on their online purchases and cash back on items they've already bought.

Ebates works with 1,500 online stores, including Walmart, Sephora, Amazon, and JCPenney.

They'll give you coupon codes and sales at checkout so you're guaranteed to save money on almost every single one of your purchases.

The best part is that every purchase on Ebates gives you anywhere from 2% to 6% cash back.

If you ever shop online, you'll want to use Ebates. Sign up here.

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