6 Totally Painless Ways To Make Money From Your Couch


These days we do just about everything online, from shopping to keeping up with our friends and family.

Now, I'm probably the least tech-savvy person I know, but it occurred to me recently that I could make a little extra money online too.

Earning money on the web is a great fit for my lifestyle, because there's no extra effort required on my part.

I earn cash at home, in my spare time, whenever I like. Best of all, I can make the internet surfing habits I already have pay for themselves.

If you want to earn a little spending money from the comfort of your living room, these are six websites I would recommend:

1. InboxDollars

If you've already tried survey websites and decided they're not for you, InboxDollars could change your mind.

The site includes money-making surveys, but you can also earn credit by playing games, or just surfing the web.

InboxDollars is much more straightforward than other survey companies: you're paid in dollars and cents, not points, and each survey lists its value and length before you start.

Then, earn more money by searching the web through InboxDollars, watching online videos, and entering raffles.

Plus, you can sign up for useful products and services advertised on the site, like a Target REDcard, to earn even more.

InboxDollars features a wide variety of activities and offers, but they're all simple and fun ways to make money.

Take your first survey and earn cash with InboxDollars.

2. Ebates

Ebates is one of the most popular ways to make money online, so I'd be shocked if you're not using it already.

For the uninitiated, Ebates offers rebates and coupons for online shoppers. Companies pay to have their products featured on Ebates, and the website passes on part of their commission to you as savings.

Basically, that means you can find great deals for 1,500 national brands and chains like Walmart, Amazon, JC penney and Fisher Price.

The beauty of Ebates is that if you buy something you needed anyway, the rebate is pure savings back in your pocket.


And you can even use your Ebates account to save money on other online stores, by downloading Ebates Express. It fills you in on any coupon or discount codes for your purchases.

If you're already shopping online, then shop smart and save money with Ebates.

Start saving right now by signing up for Ebates.

3. HealthyWage

Healthy Wage
Healthy Wage

Get fit and earn a cash prize at the same time? It sounds too good to be true, but it really works.

HealthyWage is a website that tracks your fitness goals and rewards you - sometimes with thousands of dollars - for reaching them.

You start by setting a weight loss goal for yourself (at least 10% of your total size), choose a time to reach it, and place a bet on your success for up to $150 a month.

Healthy Wage
Healthy Wage

Your actual prize is based on HealthyWage's calculator, but customers say they've been paid thousands for making healthy lifestyle changes at their own pace.

Bear in mind, you'll need to tape your first and last weigh-ins, plus log your progress each week.

If you don't win, HealthyWage collects your bet. But they offer plenty of useful fitness tips and advice to make sure that doesn't happen.

Find out it HealthyWage can help you slim down.

4. Nielsen Computer & Mobile

For decades, Nielsen Media Research has tracked what American families are watching on TV.

Now, they want to find out what we're watching online, and they'll pay you $50 a year to find out.

The ratings monitor's computer and mobile panel wants to track which websites you visit and which online videos you watch. To qualify, you need to sign up and fill in some information about your household.

Once that's done, just download the Nielsen software to your computer and smartphones.


It runs in the background automatically, and Nielsen guarantees it won't slow down your computer or track sensitive information like usernames or passwords.

Along with the annual reward, your membership automatically qualifies you for monthly sweepstakes, and you can answer surveys for points to trade for gift cards.

All in all, it's a painless and profitable way to surf the web.

Sign up for your annual payment today and start earning.

5. Swagbucks

This is another standout example of a survey website I actually enjoyed using. It's no wonder Swagbucks earned an A from the Better Business Bureau.

Like other survey sites, you answer questions to earn points (called Swagbucks) and buy gift cards for major brands.

Swagbucks offers cards for plenty of popular chains, including Target, Walmart and Amazon, so you'll always be able to find a use for them.

But Swagbucks offers a lot of other ways to earn your cards: you can get online shopping rebates, use their search bar to browse the web, or watch online videos.

There are limits on how many times you can perform certain activities each day, but it takes no time at all to earn your daily Swagbucks.


Make this site part of your routine and in no time you'll have valuable gift cards for special occasions like Christmas. All for answering questions? Too easy!

Start earning gift cards with Swagbucks right now.

6. PointsClub

Speaking of survey sites that make it really, really simple to earn cash, PointsClub is fun and easy.

You can start taking surveys after signing up for an account - which earns you $5 right away. You can get even more dollars instantly by filling out a user profile of yourself.

Like other sites, you fill out surveys to earn points, which can be exchanged for gift cards. PointsClub makes things easy by displaying the time and point value of every survey up front.

They also reward you for answering surveys daily with "streaks." The more days in a row you use the site, the more points each survey is worth.

With more than 80 options for your gift cards, including Target, Macy's and Sephora, there's something for everyone. And you can cash out once you earn just $10, which is much faster than other survey sites.

Even when you get denied for certain surveys - which happens on every site - PointsClub grants you 12 points for your first five daily denials.

Take your first survey with PointsClub.

What's your favorite way to earn cash online?

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