Are you 18-30 years old? Here's how to get free coffee for life

Here are seven companies that I personally love because they're easy to navigate and offer the best deals. Some of the sites on this list will even pay you for surfing the web or watching TV (something you already do every day!)

1. Take surveys and you may never have to pay for coffee again

I-Say rewards you with Starbucks Gift Cards and more. Delicious!

Just give your opinion about products you already buy, this is why they're considered one of the most popular survey sites.

Right when you sign up you'll be given surveys to complete. So you'll always have lots of opportunities to keep earning.

Do diary studies with this site. That payout has huge rewards.

Keep in mind, the lowest amount of points you can receive is 500. Not too bad if you ask me!

Sign up today to receive gift cards from your favorite online retail stores.

2. Make $5 in the next 20 seconds

You're going to make a lot of points on this survey site. Guaranteed.

If you join now, PointClub will give you $5 for free! It takes less than 30 seconds so I think you can spare the time!

Here's what one member has to say, "These rewards are key and I do save them up for the most part in order to make Christmas happen or give my daughter the birthday gifts she wants.”

You will be showered with Walmart, Amazon, and PayPal gift cards in no time.

Sign up to start earning today!

3. Get cash for reading your emails

InboxDollars skips the points and just gives you cash. It's that simple.

InboxDollars gives you a lot of ways to earn, including checking your emails, playing games, or filling out surveys. I actually made most of my money just by checking my emails(up to $700 a year), which was something I always do anyway! The surveys take a few minutes each, so spending around 20 minutes per day gives you a pretty nice payout.

Their members have earned more than $50 million in rewards since they opened their site in 2000.

If you join now, you'll earn $5 for signing up.

4. Get coupons for the stuff you actually buy


It's nice to be given stuff you need, and that's exactly the kind of service Shopper's Voice offers.

Their rewards include cash, coupons, samples, and other special offers. That's right! Free product samples delivered right to your door.

The best part is that you share your thoughts to their Consumer Product Survey only ONCE a year. For the amount of time you spend on the site, I found Shopper's Voice to have some of the biggest benefits. Saving money and earning money? That's a win for me!

You can also enter to win $1,500 this month, so sign up now!

5. Get $5 Now And Earn Gift Cards For Watching TV

Swagbucks has paid out over $271,595,183 to their members in gift cards for popular chains like Target, Walmart, and Amazon, so you're not wasting your time by signing up.

To earn points, you can answer survey questions, get online shopping rebates, use their search bar, and even watch online videos. (That last one is my favorite.)

They give out 7,000 free gift cards every single day. That's a lot.

There's a good chance you're going to be one of them, so sign up today! Doing it right now will even score you a free $5 card.

6. Check out Ebates and get $10 for signing up!

This site allows users to get special deals on their online purchases and cash back on items they've already bought.

Ebates works with 1,500 online stores, including Walmart, Sephora, Amazon, and JCPenney.

They'll give you coupon codes and sales at checkout so you're guaranteed to save money on almost every single one of your purchases.

The best part is that every purchase on Ebates gives you anywhere from 2% to 6% cash back.

If you ever shop online, you'll want to use Ebates. Sign up here.

7. Enter To Win Cash By Answering Questions

Opinion Outpost is not your typical survey site. They give you the chance to win the big bucks.

For every survey you complete, you get one entry into their quarterly sweepstakes for a $10,000 cash prize.

You can also get big survey payout opportunities. Nice thing is, the rewards go right in your account when you're done. It's not all luck either. You'll be earning your ways towards guaranteed gift cards to places like Amazon.

Sign up for free and try your luck today!

Bonus: Sign Up For VIPVoice And Enter To Win $1000

VIPVoice is giving you a chance to win $1000 and all you have to do is sign up.

Your chances won't stop there either. Filling out surveys with VIPVoice earns you great rewards and gives you chances to win things like electronics, vacations and, of course, cool cash prizes.

Sign up now!

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