14 Ways to Be Smarter with Your Money

Whether you are looking to make, save or just be smart with your money, you have come to the right place. I've done the research and put some hours in to figure out which sites/apps and jobs are the best and these are my findings. If you like making extra pocket money stay tuned because you're going to love this!

1. Get $5 to Start Micro-Investing Today

Newer investors often don't know where to begin. But understand they have to do something to prepare themselves for retirement.

Investing with Stash could be a good place to start. You can put a small amount towards your future. Investing as little as $5.00 to get started. Their app is user friendly & easy to connect with your bank. From there you can set up "Auto-Stash" and begin a monthly contribution.  Some other features include: Traditional or Roth IRAs, and Custodial accounts.

Those who are Savvy users get $5.00 in their Stash account to start.

Get Started with Stash Here

2. Do This While Shopping and Save an Extra $200/month

We all spend a lot of money shopping - but we don't all have Shopkick (and are LOSING money because we don't) - the app that rewards you with gift cards for the shopping you already do!

Join the millions of Shopkickers who have earned over $68.5 million that they use to redeem free gift cards to shop at Starbucks, Amazon, Walmart, Sephora, Target, and more.


1. Download the app for free (Download iPhone OR Download Android)

2. Walk into stores and open the app to earn your first kicks

3. Find items on the app and scan their barcodes to earn kicks

4. Purchase the items and scan your receipt to earn even more kicks

5. Redeem your kicks for Gift Cards

It's that easy - now you're ready so get to it and get some gift cards!

Download Shopkick for iPhone OR Download Shopkick for Android

3. Apply While You Can - Currently Accepting Applications

OneOpinion is not your typical survey site. They give you the chance to win the big bucks quickly.

There are plenty of high reward surveys but you need to be apply to be able to take them. They normally take about an hour to get back to you on your application but once you're accepted you can start earning big bucks.

Currently OneOpinion is taking applications but not forever so make sure to apply and see if you are eligible to participate and earn big rewards.

Apply Here!

4. Save an Extra $400 a Year on Your Car

The Zebra is an online search engine that compares car insurance options from more than 200 providers, which could save you a fortune. .

The Zebra has helped over five million drivers save an average of $368 every year on car insurance. Sign up to join that number!

5. Skip the points and get cash for doing the most simple tasks

Most survey sites will offer you points before they give you any kind of reward. InboxDollars skips the points and just gives you cash. It's that simple.  

They'll send you several short daily surveys every day, and if you complete all of them regularly, you could earn more than $700 a year.

This survey site has a lot of members, so rest assured that you're in safe hands.

Their members have earned more than $50 million in rewards since they opened their site in 2000.

If you join now, you'll earn $5 for signing up.

6. Today: Save up to 70% on Home Decor & Furniture

I just bought a cabinet for all my kids stuff. We put it in the family room. After looking around some stores in the area, there was no store with the massive selection that’s on Wayfair.

If you’re not on their mailing list. You want to sign up for some of their massive selection & unreal daily deals (every day at noon) Furniture, Cribs, Change Table & Decor. I could spend so much money here.

This is your one-stop shop for all of your home - you WILL SAVE MONEY and have the well decorated home you've always wanted!

Grab 10% off your first purchase by signing up here. New sales launch everyday at noon.

7. Earn Rewards on Everything You Buy with Drop

Drop is an app that allows you to earn points on the all the things you're already buying and then pays you for those points!

Here's how it works:

1. Link your debit and credit cards - Whenever you spend with any of your linked cards, we automatically give you points.

2. Shop at your favorite places - Rack up points for going grocery shopping, taking an Uber to work, grabbing a snack, and more.

3. Get cash rewards - Redeem your Drop points for gift cards when and where you want!

Get started bysigning up downloading the free app HERE.

8. Looking to Make Extra Money? Planning a dream trip? Hosting on Airbnb can help!

Why host on Airbnb?

No matter what kind of home or room you have to share, Airbnb makes it simple and secure to host travellers. You’re in full control of your availability, prices, house rules, and how you interact with guests.

Worried about having strangers in your home? Airbnb has your back - To keep you, your home, and your belongings safe, they cover every booking with $1M USD in property damage protection and another $1M USD in insurance against accidents.

List your space for free - Share any space without sign-up charges.

Decide how you want to host - Choose your own schedule, prices, and requirements for guests.

Welcome your first guest - Once your listing is live, qualified guests can reach out. You can message them with any questions before their stay.

Get Started by signing up with Airbnb HERE.

9. Driving with Uber is Easier then You Think - Plus it Pays Really Well!

Are you ready to start making your own schedule with Uber?

As an independent contractor, your office is your car and you're in charge. You work when and where you want, setting your own hours and choosing where to pick up fares.

Whether you're looking for part-time, full-time, or just seasonal work, Uber fits your schedule.

You might be surprised to learn that 80% of Uber's driver-partners in their markets drive less than 35 hour work weeks.

If you are ready to start working with Uber, you canfill out their online signup form, then download the Uber Driver app here.

10. Check out Ebates to start saving money everyday, also get a $10 gift card when you sign up!

This site allows users to get special deals on their online purchases and cash back on items they've already bought.

Ebates works with 1,500 online stores, including Walmart, Sephora, Amazon, and JCPenney.

They'll give you coupon codes and sales at checkout so you're guaranteed to save money on almost every single one of your purchases.

The best part is that every purchase on Ebates gives you anywhere from 2% to 6% cash back.

If you ever shop online, you'll want to use Ebates. Sign up here.

11. Take a Few Easy Survey's to get Gift Cards for the Places You Love

I-Say rewards you with Gift Cards to all your favorites including Starbucks, Target, Walmart and more!

They ask you questions about things you already buy, so it's super easy!

Also a good thing to keep in mind, the lowest amount of points you can get is 500. This is part of the reason why they're considered one of the most popular survey sites.

Sign up today to receive gift cards for your favorite stores.

12. Watch Tv - Make Money - Plus $5 Sign up Bonus

Swagbucks is unique since they have so many ways to help you make money. You can answer survey questions, get online shopping rebates, browse the internet, and even watch videos. (That last one is my favorite)

They are also one of the highest paying sites. Since starting up they've paid out over $271,595,183 to their members in gift cards for Target, Walmart, and Amazon.

They give out over 7,000 free gift cards every single day. So sign up today and starting bingeing those videos

Sign up Today and Get a $5 Bonus

13. Effortlessly Cut Your Monthy Costs with Trim

Things that used to be cheap just aren't anymore, and you've been paying for so long that you've barely noticed changes.

For example, you're probably paying much more than you need to for your internet and cable bill.

You can call them and sit on hold for what feels like eternity, or you can get a robot called Trim to negotiate these bills for you.

Contact Trim by signing up with Facebook or your email address, then upload your most recent bill.

Bonus: Bet on Yourself and Get Paid to Get in Shape!

This is not too good to be true. The struggle to get back in shape is real and  HealthyWage will actually pay you a lot of money for losing those extra pounds.

One woman won $10,000 after she made a bet that she would lose 41 pounds in 18 months.

Sign up, make a bet, and achieve your goal to win hundreds or thousands of dollars!

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