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If you're like me, you can't function without a morning cup of this hot brewed beverage (and maybe a couple more throughout the day).

Not only does coffee help wake you up and give you that extra boost of energy, it also provides daily nutritional benefits, like antioxidants.

My obsession with coffee goes beyond taking quizzes though.

Instead of going on the hunt to find the finest freshly roasted coffees from around the world, I came across JavaPresse's monthly coffee subscription.

They deliver incredible beans grown from all over the world. It's more delicious than any fancy coffeehouse blend, and way cheaper.

I didn't hear about JavaPresse out of the blue. I bought their manual burr coffee grinder years ago and still love it to this day.

A few months ago, I went on their website and was pleasantly surprised by all the other great things they offer.

Every month they send small batches of organically grown coffee from family-owned farms around the world.

You can try the best coffees from Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Turkey, Ethiopia, etc.

Surprise Your Taste Buds

To get your monthly curated coffee subscription you must subscribe first.

Then you have the option to choose how often you want to get your coffee.

Since my husband and I are the only ones who drink coffee, we chose the option to get eight cups of these nicely packaged beans every week.

But you have the choice to get more or less shipments in the month, depending on how much you drink coffee in the week.

Now it's time to choose your plan.

You can pay $23 for every bag that's shipped to you, or you can save a few dollars by subscribing to 6 or 12 shipments. If you're going to order a lot, choose one of those options!

Keep in mind, shipping is free and you can cancel at anytime.

The fun stuff comes next: The company will roast your beans and send them to you within two hours of roast.

That means you're getting fresh-roasted, small-batch specialty coffee straight to your doorstep.

What I Love About JavaPresse

It's nice to taste something different once and a while, especially when it comes from coffee experts.

JavaPresse removes the stress of having to go out and find the perfect batch of coffee yourself.

Their coffees are always quality tested for consistency by experts.  

It's a little cheesy to admit this, but I like to think of this subscription as an experience.

I may not get the chance to travel the world, but I can support local farmers and get the best quality of coffee delivered right to me without having to put in much effort.  

Subscribe today to get their perfectly roasted coffee of the month and become eligible for their loyalty perks and giveaways!

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