I Finally Decided To Treat Myself, And I've Never Felt Better


Between stress at work and stress at home, these days it's more important than ever to enjoy some me time.

But keeping up with your self care routine can get expensive.

Makeup, exercise gear, wellness products and new clothes don't just buy themselves.(I wish!)

Thankfully, there's a subscription service that takes the hassle out of treating yourself, and saves you a lot of money at the same time.


It's called FabFitFun, and you should get ready to fall in love with their customizeable boxes of goodies.

More Bang For Your Buck

FabFitFun is one of the many subscription businesses that have popped up in the last few years.


But unlike other companies with just one focus, your FabFitFun box contains a unique mix of makeup and beauty products, health and wellness items, exercise equipment, home decorations and fashion.

Four times a year, their subscribers get a package of 8-10 items in the mail.

Each box costs only $49, but FabFitFun packs more than $200 worth of products into every box - and shipping is free.


Boxes normally ship in March, June, September and December. That means they arrive just in time to refresh your beauty routine and wardrobe for the new season.

The company's lineup of products has already won celebrity fans like Lauren Conrad and Ayesha Curry, and you're about to learn why.

Little Box Of Wonders


Compared to other subscription services, FabFitFun has great value. They also put plenty of thought into every box, starting with the unique design for each one.

Every box is stuffed with full-sized items - not just samplers - from premium brands that are handpicked by the service's team of experts.

One quarter, you might get home decorations from Pier 1 Imports, a Yumi Kim makeup case, and some Dove beauty products.


Then, your next box could have limited edition items from Cottonelle, Foreo, and Rachel Pally. Every box is a nice little surprise, except for the items you customize yourself.

That's because the service lets you choose  a few product colors and special add-ons for each box to suit your style.

FabFitFun also takes the stress out of subscribing, with automatically renewing billing and your choice of a seasonal or annual subscription.

Make The Most Of Your Subscription


While you can choose to pay every three months, you get better savings with an annual subscription (just $179.99 instead of $200 for four boxes).

The annual subscription also gives you more chances to customize your products in each box. Boxes for annual subscribers also ship first every quarter, so you get it ASAP.

But a FabFitFun membership at any level gets you more than just a box.

FabFitFun TV

There are exclusive member sales (with savings up to 70% off), and free workout programs from FabFitFun TV (with new content is added each month).

You also get access to the FFF Community, where the company's fans share beauty tips, swap recipes, and compare their favorite products from each box.

What You Should Know

While shipping is free for the continental U.S., there's an extra $8 fee for deliveries to Canada, Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

Some regions also have applicable sales taxes which will make your order slightly more expensive. But the savings in every box are still great.


While FabFitFun works hard to ship every box on time, the seasonal delivery periods are also subject to change. Still, you'll get notified about any delays.

Like most subscription services, FabFitFun is also strict about their return policy.

Every item from your box is final sale and non-refundable, with no returns or exchanges.


But you can exchange apparel within seven days for the same product in a different size - depending again on the company's inventory.

Still, with so many items in each box, if one or two are not for you it's easy to re-gift them and enjoy the rest.

Start Saving With FabFitFun

Sign up here to get your first box of premium items at great discounts from FabFitFun!

You'll need to create an account with your shipping details and payment info, but after that your order will renew automatically every year or quarter.

But sign up fast - there are limited quantities of the FabFitFun box, and you don't want to miss out!

Get your first FabFitFun box to enjoy great products and savings!

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