DIY To Disaster: Watch Out For These Pitfalls When You Remodel Your Home

With spring right around the corner, many homeowners are starting to plan their home remodeling projects in earnest. It's an exciting time to tack on a home addition or install the granite countertop of your dreams.

Unfortunately, home remodeling isn't all it's cracked up to be. Unless you have plenty of experience in the business, the do-it-yourself homeowner may face more pitfalls than improvements. A recent study consisting of over 2,000 homeowners claimed that most had at least one problem when performing home improvements.

Worse yet? Nearly one in every 12 consumers caused damage to their living space as a result of their DIY project and nearly 6% claimed that they suffered a physical injury in the process of fixing up their home. It's estimated that 80% of ankle sprains alone are the result of the inward rolling of the ankle, a common misstep when navigating home improvement projects.

This isn't surprising since many home improvement projects require heavy lifting. It's estimated that masonry fireplaces can weigh up to seven tons on average. Though you might want to perform the brunt of your home improvements on your own, some tasks are better left to the professionals.

Among these respondents, floor tile installation was one of the most common home improvement projects. Nearly 20% of the DIY homeowners had tried to perform the task, but it was also the number one most-regretted project.

The most-performed project was painting interior walls of the home, with nearly 40% of respondents engaging in the task. Unfortunately, many homeowners regretted this simple decision as well. It was the tenth most-regretted project.

As a whole, nearly 66% of individuals claim that they regretted at least one of the DIY projects they attempted to perform, even if it was fully completed.

On average, the number of time spent on these projects were also regrettable, often taking much more time than the homeowner had anticipated. They often spent more than 22 hours longer than they thought they would.

Sometimes, it's best to leave the project to a professional.

But it isn't always easy to relinquish control of your space. Some simple projects, like installing a backsplash or improving your landscaping, may be achievable on your own. Here are some of the best times to call a home remodeler when you want the job done right.

  • When you want to stick to your budget: Sticking to a budget during your home improvement project is hard, but accounting for extra tool purchases because of a DIY project will cost you even more. When you want to stick to a set budget, rely on the experience of a construction company or home remodeler to assure you don't go overboard on tools you'll never use again. A professional company will be able to find generic products over name brand options for nearly half the price.
  • When you install flooring: It was already mentioned that the majority of homeowners regretted installing tile flooring themselves. Avoid damaging the integrity of your home by relying on the pros for this job.
  • When it's dangerous: Repairing your roof or lifting heavy materials could potentially put your life at risk without the right tools. Construction companies are equipped to handle difficult and potentially dangerous tasks. Even if your remodeler gets injured on the job because of an oversight, you can usually figure out a method of compensation through arbitration; only 1% of civil cases actually go to trial in a Federal court.

Navigating a home remodeling project is hard, but it's even harder when you go it alone. Recognize that everyone has their limits and that there's no shame in relying on a professional to get the job done right.

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