Stop paying retail prices for razors, start saving time and money. Here's how:


Are you sick of paying retail prices for your razors, blades and grooming products? Well here's your chance to ditch the retail grind and save big on all things to keep your face looking it's best. We break down all the benefits of 3 of the most popular shaving clubs where you can get razors, blades and more delivered monthly, right to your home at a fraction of retail prices.  Here are 3 of the biggest players giving the best offers, top quality products and amazing service - check them out at the links below and keep reading to get our reviews of each one.

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Keep reading to see reviews from real people, who share why they chose one of the most popular delivery services and why you should too.

A Couple Bucks - Dollar Shave Club

                    Amazing Razors & World-Class Grooming Supplies Right to Your Door.

Dollar Shave Club

Here's what makes Dollar Shave Club stand out from their competitors:

  • They ship quality razors to your home, along with your choice of specially designed grooming products like face cleanser, shave butter, and aftershave cream.
  • There are no membership fees or long-term commitments with this service. As they say, "You only pay for what we ship you."
  • The club offers flexible delivery schedules that suit your needs and budget. It's easy to skip deliveries, cancel them, or pause shipments for up to three months.
  • Blades from Dollar Shave Club work great for both men and women, so it's easy to share your shipment.
  • And best of all, there's a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Over 4 Million Members

Here's what real people have to say about their experience with Dollar Shave Club:

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The Best Steel Razors - Harry's

Factory in Germany has been mastering the craft of making razor blades for almost 100 years.


Here's what makes Harry's stand out from other businesses:

  • Harry's delivers razors and their signature line of shaving supplies straight to your door.
  • Their starter plan includes a razor and shave gel for just $8, and you can get blades from Harry's for $2 or less.
  • Their offer a customizable delivery schedule, so you always get refills when they suit your needs and budget.
  • You can cancel or change your plan at any time, with just a few cliks or help from Harry's excellent customer service.
  • And Harry's razors stand out too: they're specially engineered to give you a close, comfortable shave every time.
  • To get the best result, they use the best raw materials. Sweden is considered to make the world’s best steel thanks to the iron deposits and processes they’ve perfected over the last 7 centuries.

Here's what real people have to say about their experience with Harry's:

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New Lower Prices - Gillette On Demand

                               Blades can be too expensive. This company listened.

Gillette On Demand

Here's what makes Gillette On Demand stand out from other businesses:

  • 100+ Years of Innovation.
  • Of course Gillette is one of the most trusted names in the razor business. If you're already using Gillette razors, this is a convenient and thrifty way to buy them.
  • Regular On Demand users save even more: subscribers get every fourth shipment free.
  • You can order top of the line razors and blades, including Gillette models like the Mach 3 and Fusion Proshield.
  • On Demand makes ordering easy. You can request a shipment of blades from their website, through email, or even order by text message.
  • You can change your order, request more blades, or cancel at any time. New users also get $3 off their first order.

Gillette On Demand is the newest service on this list, and only launched a few months ago.

But positive reviews are already pouring in:

AskMen reviewed Gillette On Demand, and said they "produce the best blades on the market."

They also said it was easy to "make on-demand purchases via mobile or online," and praised the "great customer service."

The Fashionisto said using the service "is completely stress-free."

And in a comparison with other delivery services, Consumer Reports said Gillette On Demand razors offered "the closest shave."

As Brady Dale from Observer noted, "Everything about the system is well-constructed and solid."

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