Amenities War Heats Up: Canadian Developer Offers a Year's Worth of Avocado Toast

Since the avocado toast boom of 2017, this healthy fruit has become a running joke about Millennial spending habits for the last two years. One of the most popular jokes has been that young people can't afford a house since they're spending all their money on avocado toast.

This arose after millionaire, Tim Gurner, claimed that Millennials can't buy homes because they're busy buying "smashed avocado for $19."

But one Canadian developer has flipped this idea on its head by offering one year's worth of free avocado toast when a homeowner buys a new condo for $300,000 USD.

Woodbridge Homes offers apartment units starting at $300,000 USD for a one-bedroom apartment. In order to bait new buyers, the complex has claimed that they will provide a gift card for a local restaurant with enough money to cover a year's worth of avocado toast. For those who hate the buttery fruit, Woodbridge notes that the new condo owner can substitute another breakfast item.

Woodbridge Homes claims that they will do this for each one of the 116 condos available through the Kira Project. On top of the avocado benefits, the developer will also charge 10% of the down payment in lieu of the typical 20%.

"Saving for a down payment does require some saving and sacrificing," said Jamie Howard, the president of Woodbridge Homes and its new Kira Project. "At the Kira project, we say you can have your avocado toast and eat it too."

Our love affair with avocados is only natural. With more people than ever focusing on living a healthy lifestyle, this superfood has become a popular option among people looking to boost their daily dose of vital nutrients. The recommended serving size of an avocado is one-third of the fruit, but many people can't help but spoil themselves to a little more.

Some people have even indulged in avocado ice cream, even though vanilla is the most popular flavor with consumers at 28%. Avocados have truly invaded almost every aspect of the Millennial lifestyle.

According to Business Insider, this marketing idea came as a result of the increasingly competitive amenities war witnessed by developers and landlords throughout North America. In an effort to appeal to luxury homeowners, landlords have offered more and more amenities to fill their empty apartments.

For those looking at luxury apartments, this could make or break their final decision. Though six in 10 homeowners claim that they wished to better understand their mortgage, condo owners will read over every aspect of a community's amenities to get the best deal.

This includes basic benefits, like lawn care and snow removal, to more selective benefits, like avocado toast and top insurance rates. According to a recent survey by ESFI, voltage surges alone can cause significant damage to your systems once per month. If insurance options are available to cover costs like this, it could sway a condo owner's final decision.

Some New York City buildings have even established entire floors dedicated to children's activities, including gaming rooms and separate swimming pools.

Better yet, this isn't even the first time that a condo developer has tried to sway market favor with avocados. At the height of the avocado boom back in 2017, one Australian apartment complex used the same marketing strategy to appeal to new buyers.

After all, with healthy eating, it's estimated that adults who engage in more than seven hours of physical activity every week will live longer. Now that condo owners are offering increasingly competitive options, young people may have their hands full when it comes to making their final decision.

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