The 8 Money Moves You'll Wish You Already Knew About

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If you're looking to optimize, prioritize, learn and take control of your money. You need to read this. These are the services you likely haven't heard of but should probably be using.

1. Get $5.00 to Start Micro-Investing

Newer investors often don't know where to begin. But understand they have to do something to prepare themselves for retirement.

Investing with Stash could be a good place to start. You can put a small amount towards your future. Investing as little as $5.00 to get started. Their app is user friendly & easy to connect with your bank. From there you can set up "Auto-Stash" and begin a monthly contribution.  Some other features include: Traditional or Roth IRAs, and Custodial accounts.

Those who are Savvy users get $5.00 in their Stash account to start.

2. Effortlessly Cut Your Monthy Costs with Trim

Things that used to be cheap just aren't anymore, and you've been paying for so long that you've barely noticed changes.

For example, you're probably paying much more than you need to for your internet and cable bill.

You can call them and sit on hold for what feels like eternity, or you can get a robot called Trim to negotiate these bills for you.

Contact Trim by signing up with Facebook or your email address, then upload your most recent bill.

3. Turn your free time into cash!

My Dad never pays to see a movie using this technique. It takes some time to do surveys. But he's always going to movies! Here are some of the best places to earn with the easiest tasks.


I joined PointClub about a month ago, and I've earned enough to for a nice spa day and right now they are even offering $5 just to join.

By signing up you can take surveys at home, I even do them on the bus sometimes to earn rewards. It's definitely worth it.

You can earn $5.00 in 30 seconds by joining now.


Skip the points and get cash deposited straight to your account for doing fun things like watching videos, shopping online, and surfing the web.

What I love about InboxDollars is that each of their surveys tells you how long it will take to complete and how much you can gain from the survey before you start.

They don't plan on wasting your time, and are committed to making you money.  

Sign up now and get $5!

4. Do This While Shopping and Save an Extra $200/month

Everyone loves to shop but not everyone has Shopkick - the app that rewards you with FREE gift cards for the shopping you already do!

Do you want to treat yourself without feeling guilty? Do you always buy the things you need, but rarely what you want? Do you want to earn rewards with minimal effort? Join the millions of Shopkickers who have earned over $68.5 million that they use to redeem free gift cards to shop at Starbucks, Amazon, Walmart, Sephora, Target, and more.

How to get started:

1. Download the app for free (Download iPhone OR Download Android)

2. Walk into stores and open the app to earn your first kicks

3. Find items on the app and scan their barcodes to earn kicks

4. Purchase the items and scan your receipt to earn even more kicks

5. Redeem your kicks for Free Gift Cards

It's that easy - now you're ready so get to it and get some gift cards!

Download Shopkick for iPhone OR Download Shopkick for Android

5. Start Getting Paid for Your Online Shopping

Paribus keeps track of price drops so that you can get the price different back.

This website can also track the delivery status of online purchases at select retailers, so if your order arrives later than promised, you can get compensation.

Sign up now! Paribus is free to join, and you can keep 100% of the savings!

Follow this link to Sign up

6. Save an Extra $400 a Year on Your Car

The Zebra is an online search engine that compares car insurance options from more than 200 providers, which could save you a fortune. .

The Zebra has helped over five million drivers save an average of $368 every year on car insurance. Sign up to join that number!

Don't need car insurance? The Lemonade may be right for you. Renters insurance starts at $5/month. Homeowners at $25/month. Check it out here.

7. Find Out Where Your Credit is at for Free

Approximately 20% of people have an error on their credit score that is negatively affecting their score. Luckily Credit Sesame is here to help.

You might have heard about Credit Sesame on the Today Show or in The Wall Street Journal. They can give you insight into your credit score and let you know if there's anything you need to worry about.

The best part is that they will do it all for free! Check your credit score here!

Don't forget to sign up to receive alerts so that you can take action when your credit score rises or falls.

8. Start Automatically Investing your Spare Change

Download Acorns and they'll automatically invest your small change, saving you lots of time!

Say you buy a coffee for $2.40, Acorns will invest the extra 0.60. Easy. You'll be surprised by how much change you can build up in a just a few months. Plus brands like Apple, Nike, Walmart and many others will automatically invest into your acorns account for shopping with them.

Get Acorns Here

Bonus: Super Easy - Get Cash Back from Your Online Shopping

Install the Ebates Cashback button. Just browse around as you normally do and Ebates will find money savings for you on things you normally already purchase. Easy peasy.

Get the Cashback Button Here!

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