5 Reasons to Shop Barkbox & NOT Retail for Your Pup

Source: Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

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It's pretty surprising how rarely owners buy their dogs new toys, new treats.

Maybe you think your pet's stinky chew toy is their "favorite," but odds are you just haven't bought them a new one in a while.

Here are 5 pretty convincing reasons for you and your pup to give Barkbox a chance vs. a traditional "bricks n' mortar pet store."

1. Free Extra Box for Signing Up?

Sent straight to your door. I have never seen a pet store give me a free package of goods for buying dog toys and treats.

Right now you can get a free extra box for signing up. This is a huge benefit. Get a collection of dog toys, outfits, and treats your pet will love.

Signup to Barkbox and get a box FREE!

2. I Don't Know Anyone "Tweeting" this way to any Pet Store

Signup to Barkbox and get a box FREE!

3. Like Walking Down a Pet Store Aisle. Pick What You Want

Yup. You can customize your box, and pick the toys you want in it. The toys are custom too! Barkbox makes their own.

The company has a range of themes for each box, including Chewrassic Bark and Sniffin Safari.

And BarkBox knows your pet will love them, because if they don't like an item you can send an it back - no muss, no fuss - for a free replacement.

Plus, everything in your BarkBox is pet safe and curated by the company's team of "crazy dog person" experts.

Signup to Barkbox and get a box FREE!

4. Beat All Store Costs. $21/month for $40 of Goodies.

It's always nice to get the value out of a subscription box, and beat store costs.

Your first BarkBox ships as soon as you sign up for the service, then a new box ships every month on the 15th.

Signup to Barkbox and get a box FREE!

5. The Online Store With 50 million Products Shipped

When you buy a toy or treats at a store. You can never be sure if it's junk. BarkBox has shipped over 10 million BarkBoxes with the feedback to know what it's subscribers need and want.

These toys aren't just fun for your pet (and you). They also keep your dog's mouth healthy and clean by reducing plaque on their teeth. Over time a plaque buildup can cause pain and irritation for your pet. You're also doing your pet a favor. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Sign up for BarkBox to get new dog toys and treats every month on their website!

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